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Fiber content in cacao nibs

Dietary fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet along with other nutrients one might be more familiar, like vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. In the first place, dietary fibre provides the bulk to the digestive bolus. This means that it basically gives shape and substance to the most that your stomach is processing and helps it move along smoothly from one end to the other. Secondly, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, trapping fat droplets as it moves forwards, avoiding the absorption of these harmful molecules.

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Cacao as an antioxidant

Cacao nibs are widely known to contain a family of chemicals which are collectively called ‘flavonoids’. These chemicals have been proven to be very beneficial in the protection against harmful oxidative processes inside human cells.

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Office burnout and cacao beans

Mental exhaustion caused by being overworked is one of the leading causes of stress which in turn is a very important risk factor in a huge number of diseases. Heart problems, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, all of these conditions can be intimately related to stress so curbing the amount of it in our lives has to be one of our top priorities. A good example of healthy, nutritious food that can improve overall mood and boost one’s health is cacao. Cacao beans, as they come in the pod, only roasted, peeled and bagged, are an excellent way to nurture our bodies with lots of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Watch your carb intake, and inject your body with a bomb of super healthy nutrients...

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Spelling Keto with a C

If having chocolate for dessert or a bar during the day was one of your habits before going keto, cutting it all off is bound to be torture. But fear no more, cacao might be the perfect solution to your snacking needs. Cacao beans are energy efficient, contain low carbs and have anti-inflammatory properties, ready to boost your day without forsaking that chocolate flavour you so crave.

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Cacao beans, a vegan snack

Vegan chocolate is sometimes hard to find in stores and can be a little expensive. But just because you’ve decided to change your lifestyle to a greener, eco-friendly mind-set doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite snack.

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