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Cacao as an antioxidant

Cacao nibs are widely known to contain a family of chemicals which are collectively called ‘flavonoids’. These chemicals have been proven to be very beneficial in the protection against harmful oxidative processes inside human cells. Oxidative stress is a common process which the body naturally regulates and keeps at bay, part of living and breathing has this as a negative consequence but our bodies fight against it mightily well. Even so, when under stressful conditions, the process of oxidation within our cells gets aggravated and can cause severe cell damage across all cellular types in the body. Flavonoids present in a lot of different fruits help reduce the amount of oxidative radicals inside a cell by interfering with their production from the beginning. Cacao beans are rich in these flavonoids and so represent one of the best nuts (Yes, cacao ‘bean’ is actually a nut)  in the market to help mitigate the effects of oxidative stress in our bodies.

Of course cacao can be consumed in a huge manner of ways. But for those of us who are enduring a stressful environment, or an intense schedule, simply snacking on roasted cacao nibs out of the bag as an organic healthy snack will surely boost our blood flow and energy levels for the day. Happy snacking!