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Cacao beans, a vegan snack

Cacao beans, a vegan snack

A vegan way of life is all about alternatives. From soy milk to lentil hamburgers, a vegan’s diet is constantly adapting to the need of substitutes which don’t rely on animals, that’s where cacao beans come in.
Incorporate cacao beans into your life and say goodbye to commercial chocolate bars. Whether you’re a full on vegan or simply experimenting with healthier recipes, cacao can be the ultimate solution for chocolate lovers. Cacao beans can be eaten whole, crushed into nibbles or ground to fine powder depending on what you are looking for.
Vegan chocolate is sometimes hard to find in stores and can be a little expensive. But just because you’ve decided to change your lifestyle to a greener, eco-friendly mind-set doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite snack.
Chocolate is made from the fermented fruit of the cacao plant, a large tree native to Central America. The fruit itself is a pod which contains from 20 to 60 beans inside of it that are peeled and processed before making their way to chocolate factories. So as a vegan, why not go to the source and avoid all that industrial handling?
Whole beans can be consumed directly from the bag for an energy efficient low carb snack with a flavour twist. Nibs, the coarse broken bits of cacao beans, can be added to salads, toast or sprinkled on top of vegan ice-cream to give it that bit of extra. Cacao beans are known for their nutritional stats, which makes them a vegan’s best friend. Taking care of your nutrition is essential for a vegan. Cutting out all animal products in your diet and finding new alternatives can be really tricky and staying healthy and nourished is a must. That’s why these low sugar, high fibre bad boys are sure to make the perfect vegan snack.
Cacao powder can be easily made by putting the cacao beans in a food processor and grinding them to a fine powder. It may take you two or three rounds to get it to a fine grind, but then you’ll be left with truly organic, homemade powder ready to go. This powder can be added to anything from liquids like coffee, almond milk, soy milk, or tea, to solids such as vegan baked goods for that strong chocolate flavour we all crave.