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Office burnout and cacao beans

In this day and age in which so many of us find ourselves siting for hours on end in front of a computer typing our sorry existence away, finding a solution for office burnout is a crucial matter. Mental exhaustion caused by being overworked is one of the leading causes of stress which in turn is a very serious health risk factor in a huge number of diseases. Heart problems, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, all of these conditions can be intimately related to stress so curbing the amount of it in our lives has to be one of our top priorities.

On another note, stress and office burnout is also a leading cause of reduced productivity amongst employees. Think of it as batteries running out, but instead of electrical energy, these batteries carry work enthusiasm and the will to achieve good results. If a person is overworked, meaning he/she is demanded more than what the person can produce in that amount of time before unwinding, their
energy and their ability to achieve results becomes substantially reduced. This basically has a direct consequence that what someone could’ve produced before in X amount of time, now takes them longer. 

That is why scientists have researched this topic extensively and all agree that nutrition has a very important role to play in preventing the accumulation of stress.

If anyone of us gets a fancy and expensive car at some point in our lives, in our attempt to take care of it, we would want to put in it the best fuel a gas station could possibly have available. This is exactly what should be thought of when choosing healthy food. Our bodies would be our fancy cars, and food would be our fuel, so why do so many make cheap, unhealthy choices when selecting their fuel? A lot of people simply don’t know which is why reading and getting involved is so important.

A good example of healthy, nutritious food that can improve overall mood and boost one’s health is cacao. Cacao beans, as they come in the pod, only roasted beans, peeled and bagged, are an excellent way to nurture our bodies with lots of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Watch your carb intake, and feed your body with a shot of super healthy nutrients to keep you going full speed ahead.