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Spelling Keto with a C

Spelling Keto with a C

If having chocolate for dessert or a bar during the day was one of your habits before going keto, cutting it all off is bound to be torture. But fear no more, cacao might be the perfect solution to your snacking needs. Cacao beans are energy efficient, contain low carbs and have anti-inflammatory properties, ready to boost your day without forsaking that chocolate flavour you so crave.
Keto diets are well known for their low carbs and high protein foods, so things like candy or sweets are absolutely off limits. It can be really hard for those of you with a sweet tooth and a particular weakness for chocolate to endure the hardships of a full on keto diet.
These miracle beans might contain lots of carbohydrates, but don’t be fooled, most of that is dietary fibre anyway and their sugar content is almost zero. This means you’d be able to munch away that craving without worrying about messing with your fitness goals.
We’ve highlighted three properties and their excellent role in a keto diet:
Dietary Fibre Cacao beans are high in dietary fibre. This means that most of their carbohydrate content, while being digested, doesn’t get absorbed in the digestive tract which means that your carb intake remains intact. Dietary fibre also helps with the process of digestion. Being insoluble, it creates a bulk which moves down your intestine pushing things forward and maintaining a healthy bowel movement. Foods that contain high amounts of dietary fibre are filling while contributing very little in terms of caloric intake, the perfect solution to a keto diet.


Anti-inflammatory foods are super healthy and present in most keto diets. Keto diets basically consist of cutting down on carbs and replacing glucose for ketones. Ketone bodies are created from broken down fats all over the body and travel to the brain where they provide it with much needed energy. Cacao is known to have vast anti-inflammatory agents which help contribute to the body, maintaining a balanced immune system and reducing pain at a systemic level. This is why keto diets are often recommended for people who have type-two diabetes, since it contains low amounts of sugar, prevents inflammatory processes and helps weight loss.

Boosts Mood

Cacao beans act as great mood boosters since they help produce neurotransmitters which are related to stimulating the nervous system. Several compounds within the chemical composition of cacao help produce dopamine and endorphins. Both of these are compounds which modulate mood in the body and the more of these you have, the better you feel. Increasing the available amount of dopamine in the brain is what anti-depressants have as an ultimate goal, so imagine having a snack which tries to imitate the process to a much lesser degree, but in a safe, organic way.