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About Us


Thank you for visiting! We're The Prolific Bean Coffee & Cacao.  We source the finest coffee and cacao beans direct from the world’s best farms to deliver ethical, sustainable, hand-roasted goodness to customers like you.  We work closely with craftsmen and farmers who practice sustainable farming, drying and roasting techniques that result in the best coffee and cacao beans we've tasted.

We’re so inspired by the grit, the hustle and the sheer challenge of delivering a physical product from source to customer at the highest level of quality and satisfaction. There’s also something extremely satisfying about farming the earth, harvesting a plant, roasting a bean. Serving a delicious cup of joy to a fellow human being has brought us immense happiness :)

We’re really proud of our coffee and cacao beans and we’d love for you to give them a taste and let us know what you think!  

Here’s to the simple luxury of taking a moment to enjoy the little things - like a great cup of coffee.

Our philosophy

150 years of coffee craftsmanship in every bag.

Our master roaster is a 6th generation coffee farmer and coffee roaster.  We take 150 years of expert craftsmanship and package it in every coffee bag.  

No middlemen. No mystery.

We source our coffee beans direct from the farms. No middlemen, brokers or distributors.  This means we know exactly where the coffee beans have been before they reach your cup.

We pay farmers a 60% premium for our coffee beans.

This allows them to responsibly care for their lands by relieving pressure to over cultivate and over produce. Many of our farmers practice permaculture techniques (where they grow coffee and cacao trees among existing indigenous plants vs. clear cutting) which produce robust and unique flavors not found in large, commercial farms.  

Roasted on order.

We roast our coffee beans in small batches, by hand, on order - in our San Jose (CA) roaster.  We serenade them with classical music (usually Mozart). Our master roaster believes that when coffee beans dance to music, they're happier and taste better.

What about the monkey?

His name is Johnny.

Johnny grew up with our master coffee roaster on the coffee farms of El Salvador.  He loved the ladies and hated car rides, he often got carsick commuting between the city and  the farms. 

Johnny the monkey from Huachapan