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Coffee was first discovered in the 6th century by Ethiopian herders who noticed that their goats became extremely hyper after munching on plants that we now know today to be coffee cherries.  The herders took the cherries to a local monk and coffee was born. 

It is said that the first coffee house was founded in Mecca in the 1460's as a social meeting point, where fellow citizens could gather together to drink, debate politics and discuss current events.  Coffee houses became so popular in this part of the world and fostered so much community discourse that government leaders tried to ban them for fear they would threaten their rule. 

Such was the influence of the coffee house that the early ideas of what we know today as the modern stock market began in coffee shops, where people came in to buy shares of 'galleon voyagers' and commodities. Stockbrokers were not allowed inside royal exchanges, where goods were commercialized, due to their rude manners.  Coffee shops provided an excellent venue for them to trade. 

Health Benefits

  • is a potent source of healthy antioxidants.
  • provides a short term energy and memory boost.
  • is a mood stimulant.
  • may lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Coffee Fun Facts

  • Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil.
  • Pope Clemente the 8th tried to ban coffee as a "satanic" substance from the Ottoman infidels until he succumbed to temptation, tried it himself, considered it delicious and consequently re-baptized it as a Christian drink/beverage.  Uh huh. 
  • Finland is the biggest consumer of coffee: almost 3 times more than the U.S. 
  • Coffee is very low in calories as long as you drink it black. No sugar or cream, obviously. 

Why The Prolific Bean Coffee?

  • We source our beans direct from the farms. No middlemen, brokers or distributors.  This means we know exactly where the beans have been before they reach your cup.
  • We pay a 60% premium to our farmers. This allows them to responsibly care for their lands by relieving pressure to over cultivate and over produce. Many of our farmers practice permaculture techniques (where they grow coffee trees among existing indigenous plants vs. clear cutting) which produce robust and unique flavors not found in large, commercial farms.  
  • We hand-roast every order in small batches. And we roast single origin beans at their optimum level and then make our signature blends. This ensures that each bean is roasted to perfection every time.  
  • Our beans are graded SHG (Strictly High Grown), which means they are grown 4000ft above sea level for optimum quality.

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