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Keto Diet Cacao & Coffee Ideas

How to consume the organic whole cacao bean

SNACK on cacao beans:

  • Munch on them early in the morning before workouts
  • Eat them during your day to keep a steady level of energy and clarity of mind
  • It is a great super healthy snack. No more sugars or gluten!

GRIND them with your The Prolific Bean coffee beans:

  • 2/3 coffee beans + 1/3 cacao beans. Grind them together. Add 2.5 cups of hot water. Steep for 4-5 minutes before pressing down to filter and serving. SECRET COFFEE TIP, as the cacao bean has a good amount of health fats, the BEST way to brew the coffee and cacao mix is with a French Press. Drips and Italian Mokkas will take longer to filter the mix.

    MIX the cacao beans into your salads:

    • If you are experimenting on how to eat healthier, greens are the way to go. Add the cacao beans healthy properties to it and you have a powerful healthy food combination. 
    • Sprinkle cacao beans into your salads, vegetables or rice to bring a tasteful flavor into your favorite meals.
    • Cacao beans are crunchy! It could put some fun into kids meals and your lunch sandwich. 
    • Cacao beans are an excellent energy source, full of healthy fats, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, iron, copper and magnesium. It is the perfect addition to a healthy eating diet. 
    • The Prolific Bean cacao is organically sourced and produced. 

    SMOOTHIES with your healthy vegetables:

    • Blend vegetables, add a table spoon of whole cacao beans to add flavor and the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cacao beans. 

    BAKE IT in your favorite treats:

    • Chocolate flavor with almost no sugar and great fats. Bake your brownie recipes and replace manufactured chocolate chips for pure organic cacao beans. 

    We intentionally source whole beans to keep the optimal quality in the product and to maintain all the great nutritional properties our cacao beans have to offer.