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Thank You Box | Corporate Gifts Ideas

Make an impression by showing your appreciation with gusto. Our unique corporate gifts ideas showcase high-end, rare and exotic coffee and cacao beans. Imagine if you are taken to a sensorial journey around the world. Tasting and smelling our gourmet roasted coffee beans and snacking on our organic roasted whole bean cacao will surprise and educate at the same time.
The Thank You Box contains:
  • Presentation: Medium Black Box with magnetic lid
  • One x 12oz Dark Roast Blend Coffee bag 
  • One x 12oz Medium Roast Blend Coffee bag
  • Two x 2oz Organic Cacao Beans packs 
  • Size: 9.5x7x4 inches 
  • Price: $ 79.90

All our gift boxes are re-usable, we care about the environment so we make sure to minimize waste in our packaging.